Are You a Chronic Procrastinator?

I’m a successful software engineer making decent living in my profession. I’ve won international programming competitions (Loebner Prize 2012 and MIX 10K 2009 Community Prize), have traveled the world and lived and worked in different countries (Switzerland, the Netherlands, France), speak three languages fluently (English, French and Dutch), and two others reasonably well (Spanish and German). (Well, my German has been largely overwritten by Dutch, but I could probably get it back relatively easily.) By all outward appearances, I’m successful.

That said, I’ve suffered from chronic procrastination my entire life. I have no trouble doing things I find engaging or interesting, but when it comes to boring stuff (paying bills, doing taxes, picking up items of clothing and putting them back in their place), I’m horrible at it. (In my professional life, I have a slew of mental tricks that allow me to do boring stuff: thinking about the bigger picture, etc. These don’t usually work at home.)

I’ve created a website and support group for people like us to get the support we need. Head over to the It’s Finally Done! website if you’re interested and download your free report:

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