Thanks for visiting Chip Vivant™, the chatbot whose goal is to answer basic, commonsense questions and attempt simple deductive reasoning instead of having a massive database of canned responses in an attempt to fool users with the Eliza effect.

The Motivations and Functionality explains why I’m doing this. Chip is currently offline and not available to the general public but I may revisit that in the future.

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  1. Dear Mohan,

    A thought, “With information security related threats increasing by the day, how can artificial intelligence be used to detect and deter a threat to a network / organisaiton”.

    P.S: Am a Infosec professional and hence the question 🙂

    Thank you,

  2. Where can I purchase pandatunes?

    • Hi Jon – Pandatunes and Pandaremote are dead. Pandora sent us cease and desist notice and we didn’t have the energy to fight them. I find it a shame because a number of customers had asked for a solution like ours on their getsatisfaction.com thread, and they lamented that they didn’t have the engineering resources to solve this problem, then when a third party does, they sent us the notice.

  3. Hello Mohan,

    I am interest in your work and was wondering if I could speak with you about taking a smaller more niche focused version of Chip Vivant? I believe it would tie in greatly with experience I’m trying to uphold in the site! Looking forward to your response back.

    Aspire to Inspire,

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