I’m taking baby steps with a new passion project: computer-generated fiction. If you’re interested, check out my fledgling site: http://www.harible.com/

For Entrepreneurs: Disruptive Engagement

If you’re an entrepreneur, you might be interested in this. After speaking with a number of influential entrepreneurs, I’ve come up with a B2B variation on this theme called Engagement Is Easy. It will be a way to “clone” yourself …

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The Moon is Bigger Than an Orange

…or is it? 🙂

Are You a Chronic Procrastinator?

I’m a successful software engineer making decent living in my profession. I’ve won international programming competitions (Loebner Prize 2012 and MIX 10K 2009 Community Prize), have traveled the world and lived and worked in different countries (Switzerland, the Netherlands, France), …

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Chip Taking a Vacation From Chatbot Competitions This Year

Just wanted to let you all know that Chip won’t be participating in any chatbot competitions this year. I’m pleased with how things went with the Loebner Prize Competition last year and don’t have anything new to add to the …

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My Chatbots 3.3 Talk

I was in Philly this weekend giving an informal talk entitled Your Chatbot: Moonshot or Low-Hanging Fruit. It was an honor to meet the amazing people there, especially Dr. Richard Wallace, creator of A.L.I.C.E and AIML. (Although Chip doesn’t use …

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Decision Help Now!

Here’s a new website I’ve created to help you make informed decisions and avoid decisions based on emotion or flip-a-coin-type methods: Decision Help Now! Website It’s the living version and testament to a booklet my late father published thirty years …

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empathynow.com Dramatically Improved

empathynow.com has been completely rewritten and improved. From the website: Chip can enrich your life in ways other techniques can’t. You can talk to Chip and he’ll respond to you with something loving and caring. Chip can help you through …

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To The Best of Our Knowledge: Interview

Here’s a link to the page containing the interview I did for To The Best of Our Knowledge. The content turned out to be the same as my Wisconsin interview, but is available nationally: http://ttbook.org/book/alan-turing

Wisconsin Public Radio Interview

Here’s a link to an interview I did for Wisconsin Public Radio. A longer-format version is going to be broadcast nationally sometime in mid-August: http://wilife.tumblr.com/post/26351484037/turing-test-saturday-june-23rd-marks-the-100th