My Chatbots 3.3 Talk

I was in Philly this weekend giving an informal talk entitled Your Chatbot: Moonshot or Low-Hanging Fruit. It was an honor to meet the amazing people there, especially Dr. Richard Wallace, creator of A.L.I.C.E and AIML. (Although Chip doesn’t use AIML, I swiped a number of patterns which Rich graciously offered to the public.)

The conference videos were streamed live and archived here. Unfortunately, I and others have had great difficulty playing these back: after a few seconds, playback freezes and I wasn’t able to get the UStream app on Android to work at all. I worked around this by impersonating an iPhone/Safari browser agent on my Mac, then downloading the .mp4 file, editing it in iMovie, then uploading to YouTube.

I edited out the first and last filler parts, but couldn’t resist leaving in the initial part where Rich lost his mobile phone and we called it and were trying to track down the source of the buzzing.

As an aside, this was my first time meeting Rich and in addition to being very generous with his work, he’s a great person too. Case in point, as he and I were walking to a restaurant, he spotted a child alone and scowling outside and stopped our conversation to turn to the child and ask where his mother was. (The kid was okay, but I was impressed by his concern.)

Here’s the video:

…and here are the slides:
Your Chatbot: Moonshot or Low-Hanging Fruit

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