Shameless Self-Promotion: PandaTunes, PandaRemote, Num-Num

As long as I’ve got you here, why not shamelessly peddle a few products I’ve written?:

  • PandaTunes – PandaTunes lets you control Pandora® with iTunes®. Remote control Pandora stations using Apple’s free iTunes remote for iOS devices like the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch with the ability to change stations, skip songs, view high resolution album art and more!
  • PandaRemote – PandaRemote gives you a simple, powerful and beautiful interface for controlling Pandora® from your desktop computer or Apple Remote, or mobile device.
  • Num-Num – Num-Num teaches you how to count, spell and pronounce numbers in a variety of different languages. Use Num-Num when you write checks or to practice counting.

Also, while we’re at it:

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